Migrating north over the desert

Blue XD set off from his wintering site in southern Senegal at 1040GMT on 18th March and roosted that evening south of the Gambian border. Next day at 1038 he crossed into The Gambia south of Somila and then headed east to the south of the river. He departed from the river at the east end of The Gambia at 1606GMT and started some big climb-and-glide flights NE into Senegal and roosted overnight near Koutia Gaidi. On 20th he flew on NE and crossed into Mauritania, east of Matam, near Odobere and roosted ovenight west of the Foum Geita reservoir. His migration is well underway and because his transmitter is a GSM/GPS and the data is collected via mobile phone masts, we may not get more data until he reaches southern Morocco, where masts are more common.

March 18th - 20th

March 18th – 20th