Satellite tag had detached

In mid August, Suilven’s transmitter suddenly started to give GPS signals from a small cliff near Loch Borralan, Ledmore. On 31st August I went and checked. It was just a small cliff, ideal for roosting overnight or perching, but not nesting. I think I could see why the transmitter had burst into life, because the area below the cliff was thick bracken with recent signs of red deer trampling it down. I believe this disturbed the transmitter and allowed the solar panel to pick up sunlight. Despite an intensive search I could not find the tiny transmitter but a recent downpour may have covered it up again. There were no signs of a dead eagle so I am certain the transmitter came off Suilven last spring after 5 years of study – this is what transmitters are meant to do when they reach the end of useful data gathering. It would appear that Suilven was trying to find a place to breed in his natal area. We wish him good fortune and he has taught us a lot about golden eagle immature behaviour in NW Sutherland.