Non stop from Aviemore to NW Galicia

Cromarty continued to fish at Rothiemurchus until 3rd September and in between roosted near Loch Pityoulish. He left Aviemore about 11.15am on 3rd September and set off on a westerly route passing over Loch Rannoch at 12.35, Aberfoyle 1.34 pm (may be checking the ospreys in that area), then Paisley, west of Glasgow, at 2.20 and Newton Stewart at 4.30pm. He flew out over the Whithorn coast at Port William at 5pm and flew on down over the Irish Sea. At 6.18 he was 7 km west of the Calf of Man and at 9.12pm midway between Pembroke and Ireland. On 4th September at 0.36am he was 90 km west of the Scilly Islands flying SSW at 1830 metres above sea level. At 4.11 he was 420 km west of Brittany and he continued flying SSW, then S and SSE. After midday he was well over the Bay of Biscay and later changed track to SSW and finally at 9.05pm he stopped for a rest on the estuary at Camarnas in NW Galicia, Spain. A continuous flight of over 1700km in 33hrs 50 mins!  An impressive flight.

September 3rd - 4th

September 3rd – 4th