South through Spain and Portugal

Cromarty moved around the estuary – I guess fishing on grey mullet which are very plentiful in Iberian estuaries – until 1146 GMT when he set off south crossing the Muros estuary at 13.31hrs. He flew west of Vigo at 15.15 and stopped for the night in woods north of A Igrexa t 15.51.  Next day, 6th, he flew over the border into Portugal at 07.32 and at 11.40 was SW of Barcelos heading SSE, then S. He was east of Coimbra at 4pm and two hours later stopped for the night beside the River Tejo near Alvega.  On 7th e remained along the river until 11am and then flew on south being east of Santiago do Cacens at 3.44pm and stopped in woods at Odemira at 6pm.

September 6th - 7th

September 6th – 7th