Arrives at wintering site in southern Senegal

Blue XD roosted overnight just north of the Gambian border and set off on the last leg before 10am, crossing the River Gambia east of Banjul between 1004 and 1038GMT. He headed SW and at 11.41 arrived at Kartong and spent time around the mouth of the River Alleheim, a favourite osprey wintering place.  After half an hour he left Gambia and flew to exactly the same wintering site as in previous winters. He arrived there at 15.11, took a flight out into the backwater of the Casamanche river where he probably caught a fish and went to a favourite roost tree.  His migration of about 5500 kms took 17 days; in 2013 his migration took 13 days arriving at the Casamanche on 22nd September. Last year he also arrived on 22nd September after a 17 day flight, same as this autumn.

Back to his winter home   17th September

Back to his winter home 17th September