This young female eaglet was ringed and satellite tagged at its nest on Strathspey Estates near Boat-of-Garten on 26th June 2015, with her sister Orla. When tagged it was well grown with a wing length of 425mm and a weight of 5.6 kg. This eaglet’s parents are a very successful pair which generally rear one or two young in their eyries built in old Scots pines. Previous tagged eaglets from this nest include Cullen (which moved to breed in East Aberdeenshire), Calluna and Mackay which are ranging as younger eagles in the CairngormsNational Park, and last year’s eaglet Brodie in the Monadhliaths. She is named Aquila after the Latin name for eagle. Many thanks to Frank Law of Strathspey Estates for assistance on the ringing date and Ian and Fraser for climbing nest tree.