Beatrice checked out.

Edward and Gayle Whalley tells me that the River Guadiaro has been very swollen this winter with heavy rains – they went to look for Beatrice and send me this note for 20th November.
“We drove up to the confluence of the Guadiaro and Genal Rivers today and parked opposite to the gated Orange Grove which Beatrice favours for her roost.  It was a beautiful November day – this year it seems like October and November have “swopped weather”. The River Bed has changed and we could not get as close to the water as we have done in previous years. We had only been there for about 10 minutes, when an Osprey came from the direction of the Orange Grove, flying low to the confluence and then down the Guadiaro.  It was around 15.00 hours (GMT + 1), managed to take some photos and when we returned home and enlarged them – we could see the aerial, transmitter and even decipher the green darvic (left leg) as 5B. She wasn’t gone more than 5 minutes when we spotted her flying low in circles above her roosting area with a fish. It was quite a decent size.  Attaching some photos, not the best quality but we haven’t got a prime lens.  However we were so thrilled to have seen her – what a privilege.
Very best regards to you
Edward and Gayle
Beatrice with fish

Beatrice with fish