Roaring north

On 21st Cromarty turned north before roosting just south of Atar in the Sahara. On 22nd May, he headed NNE just before 0900GMT and by 17.35 had reached the huge Fderik mine and flew round the eastern flank to Zouerit. He then headed NE to roost in the desert after 306 km. He was thermalling during the day reaching maximum height of 2630 metres at 17.19.  On 23rd he migrated strongly north using the thermals over the desert, completing 34 thermals and glides during the day The last at 18.28 saw Cromarty reach 2101 metres and then glide 40 km to a roost site in the desert just south of Morocco border after 350 km.  Yesterday he flew strongly north, crossed the Mauritania/Morocco border at 1339GMT and headed on north using thermals and glides, then at 1900 hrs he was headed north over the Draa valley; where he was traveling north at 80kph at an altitude of 3500 metres above the desert. He completed a high level high speed evening flight to roost NWof Taghjijt after a day flight of 435 km.  Today he was migrating north before 0900GMT, at 10.40 he was 28 km east of Tiznit and the last signal at 1113GMT saw him flying strongly north.

May 20th - 24th

May 20th – 24th