Cromarty heading for the English Channel

After a 9 day stay on the Ribadeo esturay in Galicia, Cromarty crossed the Bay of Biscay on 10th June. He departed at 0915 GMT on a ENE heading and made a textbook crossing of the ocean arriving at the Ile de Re at 1935GMT. His initial altitude over the sea was over 900 metres but much of the flight was 100 – 300 metres abve the waves. Once he reached the French mainland he stopped in several places before roosting the night on a big farm just east of Longeville-sur-Mer. His day’s flight was 560km.  On 11th June he had a more leisurely northerly migration up through Fance, passing over the River Loire after midday and then stopping at a forest with lakes at 2.45pm local time. His day trip was 175km. This morning he was still there at 0840GMT. It is 220 km to the tip of Cherbourg – the weather is good with light west winds so there is a possibility he could cross the Channel to England later today.

June 10th - 11th

June 10th – 11th