Cromarty heading for Cambridge 11.30am

Cromarty reached the English coast at Saltdean in Sussex at 8.45pm last evening. He turned NNW and by 9pm was roosting in woods just north-west of Falmer. This morning he started migrating just after 7am and flew over Crawley at 8.47am. At 10.08am he flew over the River Thames to pass over Canary Wharf, heading north he flew over the Walthamstow reservoirs at 10.27am, and then on up the Lee Valley. The last signal of this batch was at 11.29am when he was flying N at Puckeridge and appears to be heading for Cambridge. He is dodging rainy patches and light west winds, so his NNW heading is taking him up the east side of England, which is unusual for migrating Scottish ospreys in spring.  Lee Evans tweeted me last night suggesting this is a late migration. It’s an OK time for 2nd year ospreys, and even the occasional first year bird, but is late for a third year, and too late for him to breed this year.

June 13th - 14th

June 13th – 14th