Sagal crosses Mediterranean Sea to Morocco

On 21st September Sagal started migrating at 0815GMT and headed SSE until after midday when he changed to south on a course east of the normal route, through Spain, for Scottish adult ospreys. He was using thermals up to 3162 metres above sea level near Albarraca and came to roost for the night in woods midway between Cuenca and the coast, after a flight of 285 km.  On 22nd he was on his way by 0845GMT and was near Motilla del Palancar ar 1100; he continued a course through eastern Spain and settled for the night after a flight of 260 km. On 23rd he was migrating before 9am and continued through the hills directly towards the highest mountains at Sierra Nevada, climbing over them at an altitude of 3678metres at 1250GMT. He then flew towards the coast losing height to fly out over the Mediterranean Sea at Motril at 13.47hrs at an altitude of just 43 metres. His flight across the Med was direct and mainly between 10 and 100 metres. After 4 hours and 11 minutes he reached the coast of Morocco at the headland of El Hoceima. He headed inland and quickly found a good roost site in sparse woodland on the north side of a small mountain. Today’s flight was 325 km and his passage over the sea was well east of Gibraltar.

Migration September 21st - 23rd

Migration September 21st – 23rd


Sagal's night roost North Morocco

Sagal’s night roost North Morocco