Heading into the Sahara Desert

On 24th September Sagal set off SSW over Morocco and at 16.11 was flying over the Tafertte mountains and at 1645 headed more to SW before settling for the night on a ridge in the mountains after a migration of 264 km.  Next morning he slowly moved south and for an hour from 0930 GMT was in a small river valley; then at 1036 he headed just west of south. During the morning he flew over the high Atlas mountains. At 11.21 east of Midelt and the last signal of this batch was at 1520 when he was west of El Jorf (after 156 km) flying SSW at 32 knots at over 2000 metres altitude. He is heading into the desert and the Algerian border, but needs to head more to the SW for a quicker journey to the West African wintering grounds.

September 24th - 25th

September 24th – 25th