Usual range and big flight on 19th February

Mackay spent February mostly to the east of Ben Avon and south to the River Dee. On the 19th made a big flight of at least 125 km, leaving the overnight roost flew south of Braemar at 8am and was flying at a height of 1030 m. An hour later she was further south at nearly 1000 m and then flew north to be perched east of Ben Avon at 10am. She flew east to be north of Daldownie at 11am and then flew south over the River Dee and Loch Muick to the north end of Glen Clova at midday when she was at the height of 1120 m; an hour later she was flying over Glasmaol heading west. At 2pm south of Braemar at 1020 m heading north at 23kph. At 3pm flying at 1550 m near Brown Cow Hill and an hour later was flying south near Culardoch. Obviously a lovely day for displaying eagles.

February locations

Big day flight 19th February