Poole Harbour Ospreys released

It’s always exciting watching a young osprey flying for the first time, but this week was particularly special with the release of the first Poole Harbour Ospreys. We released six birds on Monday and its been fantastic watching them growing in confidence over the past five days. The undoubted highlight was an incredible soaring flight by LS5 just two days after she had flown for the first time. We plan to release the two youngest birds at the start of next week. The first few weeks of flying are a hazardous time for the young ospreys, but they are being extremely well monitored by the team in Poole – Paul Morton of Birds of Poole Harbour, Jason Fathers (Wildlife Windows) and Brittany Maxted and her team of excellent volunteers. Here are a few photos from the birds’ first few days on the wing.

LS7 was the first bird to fly early on Monday morning. It landed safely on the release pens after a short but very competent flight.

Fresh fish has been put on the release pens and nearby artificial nests twice a day since release and all birds are feeding well. This process will continue until the last bird has migrated – ensuring that they are in the best possible condition for the long journey to West Africa.

The birds have grown in confidence over the past five days and are flying between favourite perches.

The young ospreys are likely to remain in and around Poole Harbour for four to six weeks before migrating. It is during this period that they imprint on the area and recognise it as home.