No new data

During the winter we have received almost daily transmissions from Jules’ satellite transmitter, but no recent data from Blue DF. Analysis of the engineering and diagnostic data from the transmitter indicates that this is due to battery failure. This is extremely frustrating but we are almost certain that the bird is still alive and well in the Casamance region. Chris Wood, Joanna Dailey, Junkung Jadama and Fansu Bojang went to look for him in December. They didn’t see him because access to his favoured daytime area was impossible due to high water levels but they did send these photos. They also saw a flock of close to 100 Black-crowned Cranes. Thanks very much to them all for trying. Like Jules we hope to see Blue DF back in Strathspey this spring. In the meantime we will update you should the transmitter begin sending data again.