Osprey stamp – a special appeal

Later this month the Royal Mail are releasing a series of special stamps to celebrate successful reintroductions in the UK. We are delighted that they have chosen the osprey as one of the six featured species given our work in both the UK and around Europe over the past two decades. The Foundation, and Roy in particular, has been a key driving force behind the two English translocation projects at Rutland Water and Poole Harbour as well as others in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

The osprey stamp is being released by the Royal Mail on 17th April

To mark the occasion we are launching an appeal to raise money for our ongoing osprey conservation work. The first 200 people who make a donation of £10 or more to this appeal will be sent a limited edition postcard signed by Roy, with the osprey stamp affixed. The postcard features images of some of the key ospreys involved in the English reintroductions: 03(97), a male that we translocated to Rutland Water in 1997 and who went on to raise 32 chicks; Green J, an adult female who bred at a nest in Strathspey for many years and produced chicks for translocation to Rutland Water as well as Andalucia and the Basque Country in Spain; and LS1, one of the eight juvenile ospreys that we translocated to Poole Harbour last year. The postcards will be sent in envelopes to ensure that they are not damaged in the post.

The limited edition postcards will be signed by Roy and have the osprey stamp affixed.

All money raised by the appeal will go directly towards our ongoing osprey conservation work, including:

  • Artificial nest building
  • Monitoring and protection of breeding ospreys
  • Coordinating the UK colour-ringing scheme and presenting the results online via our interactive map
  • Translocation projects
  • Satellite tracking

To support the appeal simply make a donation of £10 or more by clicking the donate button below. We’ll then get in touch by email to confirm where you would like the postcard sent.

Thank you very much for your support.