Angus 26 (2011 – Present)


Angus 26 is a sibling to Angus 33, and both young eagles were tagged in 2011 in the Angus Glens by Ewan Weston and colleagues, using our satellite transmitters.

Angus 26 was satellite tagged as part of the RaptorTrack programme.  This is a partnership programme between the Highland Foundation for Wildlife, the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB and private estates within the park, and has its own website:

To view details of the recent movements of Angus 26 click on the following link:   ANGUS 26 2012

Annual Movements

Angus 26 moved away from his natal site on 15th October.  He remained in Angus/Aberdeenshire until early December, and then flew to Glenlivet.

Movements and range of Angus 26 in 2011


To view details of the movements of Angus 26 click on the relevant link:      ANGUS 26 2012

Angus 26 2011


Reproductive History

Angus 26 is not yet old enough to breed.  If he survives we would expect him to breed when he is four years old.