Corrie (2010-Present)


This young male eagle was ringed & satellite tagged on 20th June 2010 in central Sutherland, when he was about six weeks old. The ring number was ZZ1419 and the satellite transmitter was a 70 gram Microwave Telemetry Argos GPS Solar model; number 28661. The eaglet had a wing length 354mm and the hallux was 37.4mm. We named him Corrie. The transmitter cost was funded by the Highland Foundation for Wildlife and is part of an exciting project to study the dispersal and life histories of young golden eagles in Scotland. The other eaglet in the nest was collected under licence by Lorcan O’Toole for the Irish golden eagle reintroduction project in Co Donegal.  Thanks to the Estate for their help and support.

To view detail’s of Corrie’s recent movements click on the following link:    CORRIE 2012


 Annual Movements

Corrie flew from the nest on 17 July 2010.  Movements within the initial month out of the nest were within one square km around the eyrie; from mid August he wandered a little more in a range of 10 square km. He increased his range to 1250 square km in September, and started making longer trips in October, regularly retuning to his parents’ range in Sutherland.  He spent the rest of 2010 exploring Sutherland and Wester Ross.

In March 2011, Corrie moved north to Caithness.  He spent some time around Knockfin, and also moved closer to the coast. In July 2011 he moved west to Sutherland and throughout the rest of the year ranged around Sutherland and Caithness.

Movements and range of Corrie in 2011

Movements and range of Corrie in 2010










To view detail’s of Corrie’s movements click on the relevant link:  CORRIE 2012

Corrie 2011          |         Corrie 2010


Reproductive History

Corrie is not yet old enough to breed.  If he survives, we would expect him to breed when he is four years old.