Foinaven (2011 – Present)

Ringing Date: 29th June 2011

Nest Location: Grosvenor Estate

BTO Ring Number: ZZ1748

Satellite Radio Number: 89286

Sex: Male

Measurements: Wing 325mm

Weight: 3.8kg

To view details of Foinaven’s recent movements click on the following link:  FOINAVEN 2012


On 29th June 2011, we went to an eyrie on the Grosvenor Estate Trusts land in NW Sutherland within the Foinaven Special Protection Area for Golden Eagles.  This home range is included in the PhD research project on golden eagles by Derek Spencer, started in 2011 and supervised by Professor Des Thompson,SNH.  Estate keepers Robert King and Donald Campbell took us out to the nest cliff in their Argos.  Derek was expertly lowered over the overhang into the nest by his friend Richard Baines, and Andy Summers helped me with ringing and tagging the eagle chick.  The eaglet was lowered back down the cliff where Derek placed it carefully in its nest. The children at Achfary helped with suggestions for names of the two eaglets tagged that day.

Annual Movements

Foinaven fledged on 29th July.  He remained within 13 square km of his natal nest until 30th September, probably still being fed by his parents, and then began to range widely.  He visited Caithness, Wester Ross, Argyll and Perthshire, and is continuing to explore large areas of Scotland.

Movements and range of Foinaven in 2011


To view details of Foinaven’s movements click on the relevant link:  FOINAVEN 2012

Foinaven 2011


Reproductive History

Foinaven is not yet old enough to breed.  If he survives, we would expect him to start breeding when he is 4 years old.