Strathy (2010-2011)

Ringing Date: 25th June 2010

Nest Location: Strathspey Estates

BTO Ring Number: ZZ1421

Satellite Radio Number: 95065

Sex: Male

Measurements: Wing 380mm; Tail 195mm, Hind claw 32.6mm

Weight: 3.92kg


Strathy was ringed and tagged as chick near Aviemore on 25th June 2010, on Strathspey Estates.  Frank Law (Sporting Manager) and Wayne Witcher (Head Keeper) transported us and our gear to the eyrie.  Lorcan O’Toole climbed to the tree eyrie and lowered the eaglets to the ground, where I could ring and tag them.  Both young were in excellent condition.  The satellite transmitter was a 70 gram Microwave Telemetry Argos GPS Solar model, funded by the Cairngorms Local Biodiversity Action Plan.  We decided to name it Strathy (after Strathspey Estates).  His sister was also fitted with a satellite transmitter and named Cullen.

Strathy was satellite tagged as part of the RaptorTrack programme.  This is a partnership programme between the Highland Foundation for Wildlife, the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB and private estates within the park, and has its own website:


Strathy had definitely flown by 18th July, and during the rest of the month his range was 0.08 sq km around the eyrie.  In August he ranged more widely in an area of 4.35 sq km, with first flight away from nest at on the 27th.  By September and October he was ranging in an area of 55 sq km.  In November, Strathy moved to the headwaters of the River Dulnain. He spent the next few months moving around the Monadhliath Mountains, and in particular spending a fair amount of time on Coignafearn Estate. The Monadhliaths is clearly a desirable area for young eagles moving north from Strathspey.

From May 2011, Strathy ranged between the Buck and Ladder Hills and Angus and Deeside.  On the night of 16th/17th he roosted in a steep glen SE of Carn Mor in the Ladder Hills, remaining in the same area until at least 9am.  He flew a short distance NW and was perched at 10am.  At 11am he was further east on the slopes between Dun Muir and Geall Chairn, flying NNE at 45km/hr. This was the last GPS transmission for this batch of signals. Between 11.30am and 6.38pm there were non-GPS locations for the area near Scors of Blackwater on Cabrach Estate.

The transmitter had been working perfectly throughout its lifetime and was expected to transmit for 3 -5 years; the solar panel was charging the battery.  If the bird was killed it could have travelled anywhere on 18th, 19th and 20th so its final location is not known.  Our conclusion is that Strathy was probably killed and the transmitter destroyed, although it is impossible to be certain.   A report was sent to the Grampian Police Wildlife Crime Officer.

Movements and range of Strathy in 2011

Movements and range of Strathy in 2010










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Reproductive History

Strathy did not reach breeding age during our studies.