Suilven (2010-Present)

Ringing Date: 17th June 2010

Nest Location: Assynt

BTO Ring Number: ZZ1743

Satellite Radio Number: 84134

Sex: Male

Measurements: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

 To view details of Suilven’s recent movements click on the following link:  SUILVEN 2012


Suilven was ringed and fitted with a satellite transmitter on 17th June 2010 by Doug Mainland, Derek Spencer and Lorcan O’Toole.  He was one of two chicks from a nest in Assynt.  The two young were lowered from the cliff eyrie and Suilven was ringed and fitted with a 70 gram satellite radio, while his female sibling was collected under SNH licence by Lorcan O’Toole for the Irish golden eagle reintroduction project in County Donegal.  Doug has ringed 18 young at this home-range in Assynt since 1990.  One of two chicks ringed in 2001 was taken from this nest for the Irish golden eagle reintroduction project and went on to breed in 2007 with a male from Skye.  The female chick that fledged was the first in Ireland for about ninety years.  Since 2001 three chicks have been taken from nests in Assynt for the Irish project.

The chick was named Suilven by the children at Lochinver and Stoer Primary Schools, after the distinctive mountain in Assynt.

 Annual Movements

After fledging, Suilven remained close to the nest throughout July and early August, before starting to range more widely towards the end of August.  He explored Canisp and Glendhu  and then returned to his parents’ home range and spent the rest of  the year there.  There were plenty of rabbits afflicted by myxamatosis, which must have provided easy hunting opportunities for a young eagle.   In January 2011 he headed to the Fannich Hills and then ranged very widely throughout the spring and summer, including a visit to Skye.  He continued to range widely for the rest of the year.

Movements and range of Suilven in 2011

Movements and range of Suilven in 2010










To view details of Suilven’s movements click on the relevant link:     SUILVEN 2012

Suilven 2011          |         Suilven 2010


Reproductive History

Suilven is not yet old enough to breed.  If he survives, we would expect him to breed when he is four years old.