On 13th August 2011 I found a new nest in a Douglas fir – there were clearly young in the nest but when I searched the ground I found a freshly dead chick some ten yards away from the nest tree.  It was small and emaciated – almost certainly due to recent weather and difficulties of finding wasp grubs.  The surviving chick was ringed and tagged with  GPS transmitter 51893 on 19th August.  It was due to fly within a week and weighed 977g.  It was a male.


Annual Movements

We didn’t receive any complete transmissions from this honey buzzard until 28th September, when it was in Aberdeenshire. He then flew down to Perth and Kinross and then to Northumberland on 5th October.  We received no further signals from him and believe that he died on migration.

Reproductive History

This honey buzzard did not reach breeding age during our studies.