Chick 21197: 2004-2005

Ringing Date: 7th July 2004

Nest Location: Tay estuary

BTO Ring Number: FP08669

Satellite Radio Number: 21197

Sex: Female

Measurements: Unknown

Weight: 780g


Chick 21197 was a juvenile female, one of a brood of five chicks ringed by Steve Moyes & group.  She was ringed and fitted with a 20g Microwave Telemetry PTT satellite radio  on 7th July 2004.  She  was in excellent condition and nearly ready to fly.

Annual Movements

After a bit of a false start, the bird began its migration to Africa on 20th August.  She headed through England, France and Spain and crossed over into Africa on 22nd September.  She made an excellent crossing of the Sahara and then remained near the Senegal River until mid November.  She then headed to The Gambia but then moved back to Senegal and settled down near Tambacounda, where she remained until March 2005.  No further transmissions were received after 28th March, when the battery finally ran down.

To view details of Chick 21197’s movements click on the following link:  Chick 21197 2004-2005


 Reproductive History

Chick 21197 did not reach breeding age during our studies, but a female marsh harrier has bred over several summers at the RSPB Leighton Moss in Lancashire, and we think it is this individual.