Fiddich (2012-Present)


Fiddich was ringed and satellite tagged at nest K06 in Moray on 1st July 2012; she is one of three young ringed at one of our regular nests.  Her sister, Aigan, was also satellite tagged and the younger male was ringed and colour ringed. All three chicks were regularly seen flying in the vicinity of the nest later in July and through August.

The Foundation is very grateful to the owners of the land, where the nest K06, is located for providing the funding to satellite tag the two chicks. In order to keep the nest site confidential, the owners wish to remain anonymous. We thank them for their generosity which allows us to track two young ospreys from the north of Scotland. This is the same pair of ospreys which reared the osprey Spey tracked in 2010.  The start point for the migration is Elgin.

To view details of Fiddich’s recent movements click on the following  link:  FIDDICH 2012-13


Annual Movements

Fiddich has not yet begun her first migration.


Reproductive History

Fiddich is not yet old enough to breed.  If she survives, we would expect her to breed when she is 3-5 years old.