Logie (2007-2008)

Date Caught: 13th July 2007

Nest Location: B10 – Moray

BTO Ring Number: Unknown

Colour Ring Number: White/black AN

Satellite Radio Number: 75609

Sex: Female

Measurements: Wing 510mm; Tail 228mm



Logie, the osprey from Moray, became famous in 2007 as she was the first osprey we fitted with a new generation GPS Satellite Transmitter. We trapped her for ringing at nest B10 on 13th July, when she was caring for young.  She was in very good condition.   We ringed her and fitted her with a satellite transmitter.   As she was previously unringed, we did not know her age or history, but we had seen her at this nest site since 2005.  On release she flew back to her perch tree beside the nest.  Logie was named after Logie Primary School near Forres in Moray – they are the nearest school and followed Logie’s life and travels.  The North Sea oil company, Talisman Energy UK plc, funded the purchase of the GPS transmitter.

Annual Movements

Logie spent the winter of 2007-2008 in Guinea Bissau. In spring 2008, thousands of people were following her journey on the BBC Radio 4 programme “World on the Move” as well as on this website, the BBC’s website and on the Talisman Energy website.  She had a tough migration and at times we thought she would never get home, and by the time she did, an intruder female had taken her place. After half a day of fighting she regained her nest and the previous year’s mate.  She laid three eggs and reared two young.  Logie departed on migration in bad weather in August 2008, and after a signal near Tomintoul, we never heard of her again.  In case her ‘disappearance’ was due to a faulty transmitter, I regularly searched for her return to nest B10 in spring 2009 but she never appeared.

Sadly, I now think she must have had an accident on her journey, which prevented further signals from the transmitter, or she was killed early in her migration.

Spring migration 2008

Autumn migration 2007










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Reproductive History

In the time that we knew her, Logie raised a total of seven chicks (2005-2007: 5; 2008: 2).


Logie caught in a dho ghaza net with an eagle owl