Ozwald (2011-2012)


Ringing Date: 7th July 2011

Nest Location: B03 – Nairnshire

Colour Ring Number: Blue/white 90

Satellite Radio Number: 95063

Sex: Male



Ozwald is a male chick, one of three young in nest B03 in Nairnshire – I ringed and tagged him on 7th July 2011.  His satellite transmitter has been sponsored by Gill Lewis, author of the osprey-based novel ‘Skyhawk’ and her publishers at home and abroad.

Annual Movements

Ozwald set off on his first annual migration extremely late in the year.  He first set off on 16th August and made a good two day migration to the Solway area in south Scotland.  Interestingly, he went west instead of south and then travelled north up the coast of Argyll before looping back to the Highlands – an incredible false start to his first big migration, but at least it enabled him to learn some geography of Scotland!  He set off again on the 28th and headed slowly to Fife.  However, he then turned back north again!  Incredibly, he remained in northern Scotland for over another month, and didn’t start his proper migration until 12th October.

He then made very good progress through England and France, and stopped over on the River Tormes in Spain for a few days to rest.  He started off again on 5th November and reached Africa the next day.  He flew on through Morocco and Mauritania and arrived in  the Banc d’Arguin National Park coastal wetlands where he settled; a very good over-wintering area for Ospreys.  He remained there through the winter, although he made a few long distance exploratory flights.  Unfortunately we received no more signals from him after late March after another exploratory flight towards Morven’s wintering area.  It was very sad to lose him, especially after his earlier exploits when I thought he might die in Scotland.

Autumn migration 2011

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Reproductive History

Ozwald did not reach breeding age during our studies.