Red 8T (2009-Present)

Ringing Date: 19th July 2009

Nest Location: Badenoch and Strathspey

BTO Ring Number: 1385695

Colour Ring Number: Red/white 8T

Satellite Radio Number: 75609

Sex: Male

Measurements: Wing 490mm; Tail 210mm

Weight: 1446g

To view details of Red 8T’s recent movements click on the following link:  RED 8T 2012-13


Red 8T is a male that I ringed in the RSPB Abernethy Forest Reserve on15th July 2001 at nest A04; the middle chick in a brood of three males. I caught him near his nest on 19th July 2009, assisted by Steve Bentall and Amy King, using a decoy eagle owl and a dho gaza net. He was in very good condition.  We fitted a GPS satellite transmitter and then released him and he flew off over the forest.

Annual Movements

In 2009 Red 8T regularly fished at the Rothiemurchus fishery and raised two chicks with his mate, Blue/white AB.  He wintered in southern Senegal and arrived back in Badenoch & Strathspey in spring 2011.  However, his mate failed to return and so he moved nests and attracted a new mate.  They raised two chicks, with Red 8T again fishing regularly at the Rothiemurchus fishery, and also in local lochs.  He again wintered in mangrove swamps in southern Senegal.  In 2011 he returned to the same nest and bred with the same mate again.  He fished in his usual areas but also headed off to Loch Seilich in Gaick, a round trip of 55kms!  There were definitely chicks on the nest when I visited on July 10th, but sadly they lost the chicks due to bad weather, as did many other pairs in 2011.  He then returned to his winter quarters in Senegal and is now back at his usual nest site after a successful Spring migration.

Spring (yellow) and red (autumn) migrations 2011

Spring (yellow) and autumn (red) migrations 2010

Autumn migration 2009












 To view details of Red 8T’s recent movements click on the relevant link:  RED 8T 2012

Red 8T 2011          |          Red 8T 2010          |          Red 8T 2009


Reproductive History

Red 8T was identified intruding at the Loch Garten nest in 2005, before the male osprey Henry drove him off. We did not find him in 2006 or 2007, but in 2008 was found breeding at a new nest at site A12 in a Forestry Commission wood in Badenoch, to the west of Aviemore. Since we have known him he had reared 5 chicks (2008: 1+; 2009: 2; 2010: 2 ; 2011:0).  He has had 2 mates (2008-2009: Blue/white AB; 2010-2011: ?).


Red 8T in hand after catching

Rothiemurchus Fishery 2010. Photo by Garry Ridsdale

Rothiemurchus Fishery 2011. Photo by Garry Ridsdale

Rothiemurchus Fishery 2011. Photo by Garry Ridsdale