Spey (2010-2011)

Ringing Date: 6th July 2010

Nest Location: K06, Elgin, Moray

BTO Ring Number: 1410554

Colour Ring Number: Blue/white AS

Satellite Radio Number: 84130

Sex: Male

Measurements: Wing 335mm; Tail 145mm



Spey was ringed at nest K06 near Elgin, Moray, on 6th July 2010 and his name is taken from the River Spey, a favourite fishing location for his father.  He was in good condition and had one sibling, a heavier female. This nest has been in use since 1993 but this was the first time that we ringed the chicks. Previously the nest had been in a very thin dangerous Scots pine, impossible to climb safely without damaging the nest. Heavy snow in winter 2009/2010 completely destroyed the nest and broke the top of the tree, so on 12th March, Bob Moncrieff, Harry Taylor and I walked through the snow-covered forest and built a new nest in the top of a Norway spruce about 50 metres from the old nest.  This was immediately occupied by the ospreys on their return in early April and they reared two young, one of which was Spey.

Annual Movements

Spey set off on his first migration on 12th September 2010 and spent some time in the Sokolo area of the River Niger backwater in Mali.  He then headed further north, ending up in Guinea Bissau by the end of the year.  In early 2011 he ranged widely in the Guinea Bissau estuaries, and then settled down near some wetlands near the Guinea border in April.  However, from the end of June we started to have problems receiving his data and have received no transmissions since July.  We hope it is just a problem with the transmitter, but it is important to be realistic and realise that a lot of young ospreys die in their first year.

Autumn migration 2010


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Reproductive History

Spey did not reach breeding age during our studies.


Spey (on right) with his sister