Stan (2012-Present)

Ringing Date: 11th July 2012

Nest Location: B01 – Moray

BTO Ring Number: 1410580

Colour Ring Number: Blue/white AA0

Sex: Male

Measurements: Wing 300mm

Weight: 1605g

Sponsored by a local supporter and adopted by Logie School

To view details of Stan’s recent movements click on the following  link:  STAN 2012


Stan was a single chick in nest B01 near Forres in Moray. There was also a dud egg in the nest. The cold wet summer probably caused the egg failure and also the death of the other chick. His mother is Morven, who we have tracked from this nest in Scotland to her winter site in Mauritania and back, while his father is Yellow HA.

Morven’s satellite transmitter has always performed poorly in summer in Scotland, but we know that, after breeding, she goes to Caithness to feed up on brown trout in Loch Calder and other lochs, passing the mountain Morven each way. Because of the transmitter problems, each late summer I would telephone my good friend Stan Laybourne, the Caithness bird recorder, and ask him to check on Morven. Back would come a phone call – “She’s sitting on her usual perch by Loch Calder,” then later, “She’s gone”. Stan was an expert on Greenland white-fronted geese but he was also an osprey enthusiast. Sadly, earlier this year, he died after a long illness. Sitting thinking of Stan at his funeral, I thought of naming a satellite-tagged osprey after him, especially if it was a chick of Morven’s.  Bon voyage to Stan.

Stan’s transmitter was sponsored by a great supporter of our raptor tracking studies, who lives in Moray;  we thank her sincerely for a valuable gift.

Stan has been adopted by Logie Primary School and the pupils are going to follow his progress to Africa as part of our schools migration project between UK and West Africa, organised by Tim Mackrill at Rutland Water

Annual Movements

Stan started his first his first migration on 12th September 2012.

To view details of Stan’s recent movements click on the following  link:  STAN 2012

Reproductive History

Stan is not yet old enough to breed.  If he survives, we would expect him to breed when he is 3-5 years old.