Aspen (2011)


Aspen was satellite tagged as a female chick, sister of Rowan,  in summer 2011.  

Aspen was satellite tagged as part of the RaptorTrack programme.  This is a partnership programme between the Highland Foundation for Wildlife, the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB and private estates within the park, and has its own website:

Annual Movements

After fledging in late summer, Aspen lived mainly west of Cockbridge in early September but ranged widely, visiting the Cromdale Hills and the hills north of Aviemore.  She continued to range throughout this area as far as Inchrory, the north side of the Lecht and north of Brown Cow Hill, in an area of 105 square km.  No transmissions were received after 17th September until a poor quality one on the 29th and then a good quality non-GPS one in Glen Muick on 1st October.  This was the last signal we received from Aspen.  We suspect that she was illegally killed.

Movements and range of Aspen in 2011

To view details of Aspen’s movements click on the following link:    Aspen 2011


Reproductive History

Aspen did not reach breeding age during our studies.