Freya (2010-2011)

Ringing Date:28th June 2010

Nest Location: RSPB Abernethy Nature Reserve

BTO Ring Number: GS28894

Satellite Radio Number: 51889

Sex: Female

Measurements: Wing 269mm; Tail 125mm

Weight: 992g



Freya was a female peregrine chick ringed on 28th June 2010 on the RSPB Abernethy Nature Reserve in Strathspey, Highland.   She was the younger female of a brood of four young – two males and two females.   We went to the  eyrie at 8.30am and I was accompanied by RSPB staff, Desmond Dugan, Bob Moncrieff and Gareth Marshall.  Gareth climbed up to the eyrie and lowered the young in a bag to the bottom of the cliff, where we ringed and tagged the chicks.

Freya was satellite tagged as part of the RaptorTrack programme.  This is a partnership programme between the Highland Foundation for Wildlife, the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB and private estates within the park, and has its own website:

Annual Movements

Freya left her nest site on 27th August.  She spent September on Glenlivet Estate and the Ladder Hills, quickly building up a network of roost sites.  On 11th September she made her first big flight, a 66km journey to Deeside and back.  She continued her routine of roosting in Strathdon woodlands at night and flying up into the Ladder Hills during the day throughout the rest of the year, making just a few longer flights, to the Cromdale Hills and Deeside.  It is interesting to compare her behaviour to her sister, Vega, who was much more adventurous and ranged much more widely.

Freya continued to live in the Strathdon/Glenlivet area for the first few months of 2011.  In early March she made her longest flight to date – to the Upper Ailnack River via Inverurie and Lary, a journey of  over 120km.  She then returned to her normal routine but, sadly, we received no further transmissions from her after 5th March.

Her transmitter had worked perfectly until this date, so we suspect that Freya was illegally killed.

Movements and range of Freya in 2011

Movements and range of Freya in 2010










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Reproductive History

Freya did not reach breeding age during our studies.