Shelly (2010 – Present)


Shelly is a young sea eagle from Mull,  from the same nest as Oran, from 2009.  The nest is on land owned and managed by Forestry Commission Scotland who take great care to ensure the sea eagles nest successfully.  The parent birds of Shelly and Oran are now very experienced. The female known by her wing tag as ‘Green T’ was hatched in the wild on the Isle of Skye in 1998 and her mate is ‘Blue 9’ from the 1997 releases of Norwegian birds in Wester Ross.  In 2011 they hatched two chicks but, sadly, her male sibling died.  The name Shelly is short for the Gaelic word for the summer-blooming yellow flag iris, which flowers in her nesting glen.  Shelly was tagged with satellite transmitter 51888

Annual Movements

Shelly was  tagged in partnership with the RSPB’s Mull Sea eagle programme.  To view details of Shelly’s movements please visit their website:

Movements and range of Shelly in 2011

Movements and range of Shelly in 2010










Reproductive History

Shelly is not yet old enough to breed.  If she survives, we would expect her to breed when she is five or six years old.