Over and out

Agnes’s transmitter has been running intermittently in May and June, and has now stopped sending in good data. In July just a non-GPS from between Ben Dronaig and Loch Monar. This is one of her favoured areas and it looks as though this is the area she has chosen to remain.

Settled in remote mountains

Agnes has settled in a remote mountain area between Lochs Monar and Mullardoch. She is living in an area of 43 km² and will be starting to think about moulting.

May 15 – June 4


Monadhliaths to north Inverness-shire

Agnes left the upper Dulnan catchment in the Monadhliaths on 16th April and next day flew over Invermoriston to her usual northern glens area, and then spent most of the time in an area of 25 square km NW of the mountain An Socach.


April 16th – May 17th

in northern part of range

Agnes was east of Lochcarron in early February to the 10th then north to Strathconon and Glen Orrin before spending the rest of the month to the 24th in the mountains between Loch Cluanie and Loch Mullardoch

February 2nd – 24th

Wintering in the Monadhliaths

Due to the short days, Agnes’s transmitter has only sent non-GPS data.  She roosted overnight at the north end of Coignafearn estate on 31st December and 8th January, and during the rest of the time she was in the upper Dulnan River catchment to atleast 16th January.

Still ranging

Agnes was at Coignafearn and to the west in the Monadhliaths until 1st October, she then flew west and north on her usual circuit being mainly in mountains north of Loch Mullardoch. On 2nd October she was at Achnashellach, at Kintail on 4th and and low down in Strathconon on 5th October.

September 19th to October 9th

September 19th to October 9th

Settled in the Monadhliaths

Agnes spent the whole of July either on Coignafearn or to the south of it in the Monadhliath mountains. Ranging in an area of just 20 km²

Range in July

Range in July


Usual two area behaviour

Agnes flew north from the upper Dulnan River area on 28th May to her usual haunts near Loch Monar. On the 30th May,  she returned by the western route to the Monadhliaths.

May 18th - June 9th

May 18th – June 9th

Usual two location behaviour

Agnes started the month in the Loch Monar area and flew south on 6th April to the Monadhliaths where she stayed until the 11th when she flew north on the western route. She again left her usual northern area locations on the 14th and returned to the upper Dulnan river catchment until 19thApril when she again returned to the Monar region.

April 1st to 23rd

Usual two location behaviour

Agnes returned to Coignafearn – Dulnan on 21st March and left again on 27th for return trip on west route to spend time between Strathcarron and Monar.

March 15th to April 5th

March 15th to April 5th