Problems with this bird or its transmitter – still trying to work out what has happened.

No change

Angus 26 remained in the area west of Corwharn, north of Backwater Reservoir; on 19th he flew to the NW and back in the afternoon and on 22nd flew west to Mount Blair at 4pm.

Feb 14th - 24th

Trip round Angus Hills

At 10am on 8th February departed its usual haunts and flew east over Glen Clova to the Glen Lethnot area; then on 9th and 10th around Glen Ogil before heading back to Corwharn on 12th.

Feb 4th - 13th

Returned to main winter haunts

After roosting overnight east of Tulliemet, 26 flew north to the hills east of Loch Loch, and the SE to the hills between Kindrogan and Spittal of Glenshee, where remained for two days.On 2nd headed back east to its main haunts.

Feb 1st - 4th

Ranging in the Angus Hills

Angus 26 flew up towards Glas Maol on 23rd and 24th December and then back on 25th to the forests north of Backwater Reservoir.  By 4pm on Christmas Day he was in Glen Clova where stayed until 28th. Then flew SE to Glen Ogil and Glen Trusta on 29th, Glen Lethnot on 30th and around the Hill of Wirren at 4pm on 3oth.

Dec 23rd - 30th

No change until 31st when flew to Dunkeld area

26 remained in the usual area throughout this period until 31st January when it set off west and was perched on the hill to the east overlooking Spittal of Glenshee at 10am. By 4pm it had fown on SW and was perched on old pines north of Loch Ordie, near Dunkeld.

Flying SW to Dunkeld in Perthshire

Remained in Glen Damff and Glen Prosen hills

Angus 26 remained within his recent range to the north of Backwater Reservoir ranging over plantations in Glen Damff and the hills towards Glen Prosen.

Jan 14th - 19th

Still in Angus glens

Angus 26 was along Glen Clova on January 7th and then flew SE to Cat Law, where it settled between there and Backwater Reservoir. On 11th flew north to north end of forestry and then flew back to main location.

Jan 7th - 11th


Glenesk and hills above Laurencekirk

Angus 26 was in Glenesk on Milden Estate on 1st and 2ndJanuary, and then at 10am on New Year’s Day above the edge of the farmlands NW of Lawrencekirk.  On 2nd and 3rd moved across the county boundary and on the hills NW of Lawrencekirk.

Jan 1st - 3rd