Lost contact in the Monadhliaths

Brodie was in the central Monadhliaths through into June, but the last good GPS signal was on 11th June with occasional data after that suggesting a lost bird.

No change

Brodie has continued to stay in her usual haunts of the upper Dulnan Valley and on Coignafearn

May 18th - June 12th

May 18th – June 12th

Big exploring flights

Brodie was following usual routine in the Monadhliath mountains until 12 April when she flew south into the upper Spey catchment. On the 13th she flew west to the hills above the north-east end of Loch Lochy and stayed there until 19th April. She then flew south-east via Craig Meagaidh to be at Ben Alder at 4 PM on 19th and then roosted on the east side of Loch Ericht. On 20th she flew south to Ben Dearg just south of the Black Wood of Rannoch and next day flew to the south side of Glen Lyon and then west to be at Loch Lyon at 4 PM and then later moved to the hills north-west of the loch.

April 1st - 22nd

April 1st – 22nd

Ranging widely in the Monadhliaths

On 18th of March Brodie started to drift west through the mountains and by 27th March was in the hills above the north-east corner of Loch Lochy. Then slowly back and by 2nd April had returned to the usual haunts in the upper Dulnan Valley

March 15th - April 5th

March 15th – April 5th

No change

Brodie continues to live in the upper Dulnan River valley ranging in an area of just 14 km²

Feb 22nd - March 14th

No change

Brodie continues to live in the catchment of the upper Dulnan River – obviously an excellent area for younger eagles. One trip and back to the Alvie pinewood on 20th February.

February 5th - 24th

February 5th – 24th


No change

Brodie remains in the upper Dulnan valley; GPS starting to register again as days lenghten. She roosted same site on 2nd/3rd and 5th/6th February


This young female eaglet was ringed and satellite tagged at its nest on Strathspey Estates near Boat-of-Garten on 26th June 2014. When tagged it was well grown with a wing length of 395mm and a weight of 5 kg. This eaglet’s parents are a very successful pair which generally rear one or two young in their eyries built in old Scots pines. Previous tagged eaglets from this nest include Cullen (which moved to breed in East Aberdeenshire) and Calluna and Mackay which are ranging as younger eagles in the Cairngorms National Park. This eaglet was featured in the newsletter of Seafield and Strathspey Estates, which led to it being sponsored by the prestigious Edinburgh law firm of Brodies LLP. We are very grateful to Brodies for supporting our conservation work and we have named the eaglet Brodie. Brodie stayed with her parents until late in the winter and is only now started to branch out on her own, as her parents start a new breeding season.

Brodie on ringing day

Brodie on ringing day

No change

Brodie continued to live in the upper Dulnan River valley throughout December, making one visit to her parents’ home range on December 21st.

no change

In Upper Dulnan as usual