Wandering in NW Sutherland

Canisp was on Cape Wrath side until 14th September and then flew down to the east of the big forests north of Lairg.  Then back up to Kinlochbervie and on the last date 4th October was at Sabhal Beag in the Reay Forest. She was ranging in an area of 740 km².

September 13th - October 5th

September 13th – October 5th

Usual ranging in Sutherland

Canisp was living on the moorlands SE of Loch Choire the beginning of the month and then wandered west to Kylesk before heading up to Capewrath side on 16th August and then flying on to the Moine, near Tongue, on 21st August.

July 31st to August 25th

July 31st to August 25th

Ranging in Sutherland

Canisp was at Merkland on 3rd July and then flew to Reay Forest where present 4th to 8th. From 9th to 14th was on moors SW of Altnaharra and flew SE and spent 15th to at least 24th July on Ben Armine Estate.

July 3rd - 24th

July 3rd – 24th

Ranging NW sutherland

Canisp started off on Cape Wrath side and on 27th May went to the Ben Hope – Ben Loyal area until 2nd June, when moved to Merkland area.

May 22nd - June 11th

May 22nd – June 11th

Ranging in usual areas NW Sutherland

Canisp has remained in favourite haunts in NW Sutherland – being mainly in Cape Wrath to Kinlochbervie with a brief trip down to Achfary area and back on 14th – 17th May

May 4th to 25th

May 4th to 25th

Usual areas in NW Sutherland

Flew from Altnaharra  to the Gobernuisgach mountains on 6th – 8th April and then north to Loch Eriboll on the 13th and 14th April and by 18 April was n

March 29 - April 20th

March 29 – April 20th

orth of Kinlochbervie

Ranging widely in Sutherland

Canisp is coming up to her fourth year and in the last month has been ranging widely in Sutherland from Kinlochbervie to Ben Armine, an area of over 1000 km². She started off on February 22nd in the mountains around Sabhal Beag in the Foinavon SPA and was back there afetr her wandering on 20th – 22nd  March.

February 22nd to March 22nd

February 22nd to March 22nd

Back in contact

Canisp’s transmitter has woken up again with the first real day’s of sun to charge the battery – it’s always been a problem sat tag. On 9th February she was north of Loyal Lodge, Tongue, and flew to Eriboll before roosting that night east of Loch Hope. Next day at 4pm she was south of Durness near Cranstackie and roosted that night near Arkle. Earlier non GPS locations were from the Loch Choire area 2nd – 6th February. So as normal she is keeping in NW Sutherland.

February 9th and 10th

February 9th and 10th


New transmission

On 21st January we received a poor quality signal frtom the Assynt area showing that Canisp is probably still living in NW Sutherland. That transmitter has always been poor and only works when there is good sunlight, so we should get some more data as the season advances

No news

Canisp’s transmitter is now intermittent and there were no new signals in October from NW Sutherland