Corrie is a female golden eagle that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as a chick in 2010.  To view further details about her movements and history click on her link on the left.

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Corrie was still NW of Kinloch on 16th and then flew east. On 18th was north of Altnaharra and south to Ben Klibreck before settling S of Loch Truderscaig on 19th and then north of the road and east of Strathnaver on 20th-21st. He then flew east on 23rd towards Kinbrace abd on 24 & 25th was just NW of Morven.

Feb 16th - 24th

NW Sutherland

Corrie flew north to Kinloch on 5th, and then north of the loch on 7th to 9th, before flying north to Gobernuisgach on 10th – 11th/ On 12th – 14th was at south end of Ben Hope range and on 15th near Loch Meadie

Feb 5th - 15th

Lairg to Elphin to Merkland

Corrie was east of Lairg in the Muie area 22nd january to 30th, and then on 31st flew west to the moors south of Loch Urigill. On 3rd flew on to Elphin and Loch Veyatie, and then on 5th February flew N to the hills north of Loch Shin.

Jan 27th - Feb 5th

Flew to east Sutherland

Corrie was in the Gobernuisgach area on 16th January and then flew east to roost overnight south of Klibreck, next day he flew on east to West Langwell. On 20th January he had returned and was east of the North Lairg forests.

Jan 16th - 20th

Remained in Sutherland

On 4th January was on Borrobol Estate, on 6th around Ben Armine Estate and on 12th June back near top of the Loch Naver around the forestry areas. At 8.18pm a very accurate non GPS signal showed him roosting overnight on a hillside west of Loch Meadie.