Eaglet 107



Eaglet 107 is a male golden eagle that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as a chick in 2010.  To view further details about his movements and history click on his link on the left.

Ranging in Caithness and north Sutherland

The male 57107 has ranged widely throughout the Flow Country of Caithness and NE Sutherland.

September 27th - October 23rd

September 27th – October 23rd

Ranging widely in Caithness

107 has been ranging in the usual areas of Caithness, once again doing big circuits. He was south of Berriedale near the coast on 1st October.

September 15th - October 3rd

September 15th – October 3rd

Not settled down yet

July 16th to August 9th

July 16th to August 9th

The male 107 has been ranging widely in the Caithness Flows as well as south towards Kinbrace in Sutherland

Sutherland to Caithness

107 started the month SE of the Crask in Sutherland, and on 10th June flew north to Forsinaird. Then back to Crask area on 15th and then north again oon 22nd, reaching Knockfin Heights on 25th June

June 6th to 28th

June 6th to 28th

Ranging widely in Caithness in North Sutherland

107 has not yet found a place to settle down and in the last 3 weeks has ranged over an area of 1600 km² between Strathy Helmsdale and upper strath Brora, north to Shurrery south of Reay in Caithness.

May 4th - 20th

May 4th – 20th

Caithness and from mid moth back south around Loch Ness

107 was in his normal haunts in Caithness and the Strath Helmsdale up until 15th April; then fle wsouth to Coignafearn and to the areas west of Loch Ness

April 2nd to 24th

April 2nd to 24th

Ranging widely in Caithness – NE Sutherland

107 continues to range in the Flow Country centred on Morven, with flights as far a Strathnaver on 3rd March, Strathhalladle on 10th and upper Brora on 13th March. No sign of settling yet.

February 24th - March 21st

February 24th – March 21st

Back to north Flow Country

Ranged widely in SE Sutherland then back to Morven area and so north to Flow Country of Caithness 23rd – 25th February

February 8th - 26th

February 8th – 26th

From Caithness to Lairg

107 was near Scaraben on 6th – 7th February, in Strathhelmsdale on 7th – 8th, then south to Ben Armine on 9th and then to an area NE of Lairg 12th to 16th February