Same area

No change

Ranging in 37 square kms.

South to Glen Artney and back to Tay

Foinavon was in usual area at Loch Tay until 19th February, when he flew south to Glen Artney and towards Uamh Bheag, lived either south or north of Loch Earn until 21st when moved back to the previous area of hills south of north Loch Tay. The move to Glen Artney took him into an area of quite low altitudes.

Feb 14th - 24th

No change

Ranging in 19 square kms south of Loch Tay

South Loch Tay then moved to Amulree

Foinavon stayed in the south Loch Tay area until 1st February when he flew east past Ben na Gainimh to the headwaters of the River Almond. On afternoon of 2nd February few over the Sma Glen road and settled from 2nd to 5th in the hills SE of Amulree.

Jan 31st - Feb 5th

A wander through the Perthshire hills

Another eagle encouraged to have a fly around in the better weather. Foinavon left the Loch Tay area on 15th January and by 4pm was over Creag Mhadaidh in North Perthsire and then roostd overnight west of Loch Errochty. Next day flew NW and at midday was just west of Loch Garry flying north low over the hills at 36kms/hr. Roosted that night, 16th/17th, in conifer plantations south of Loch Ericht. On 17th he flew south and that night roosted at the southern edge of the Black Wood of Rannoch. By 4pm next day he was back in his recent range south of Loch Tay where he has again settled.

Jan 15th - 20th

Remained in Perthshire

Was in the hills north of Loch Earn on 8th and then flew back to the hills south of Loch tay where it raned, and was still there on 14th.