Settled in North Angus

Mackay has been settled in an area of North Angus glens for well over a year, sometimes crossing into Aberdeenshire. In February 2020 the satellite tracking data was all ranging on Milden estate near Mount Keen

Mackay has settled in North Angus

Mackay has stopped ranging so widely and seems to be settled on moorland in Angus  SE of Mount Keen; ranging in an area of just 5 square kilometres

Ranging widely in Cairngorms National Park

Mackay is a six year old female and has not yet found a mate and nest. Between 7th May and 7th June she has ranged over 2100 sq kms. Early in May she was mainly along the eastern Angus/Aberdeenshire border and on May 15th she moved to low ground 3 kms east of Cairn o’Mount for two days. On 13th May she flew north-west and was over Abernethy Forest/Cairngorm at 4pm on 12th May and by evening was on the Monadh Mor. She then settled in an area near An Sgarsgoch until 6th June when she flew south to Ben Vuirich in Perthshire to 8th,

Ranging is Deeside and Angus

Mackay was just SW of Glen Clova on 4th/5th December and roosting in a wood north of Bridge of Dee on 6th and 11th December. Taking in non-GPS locations the range was 875 square kms

Usual wandering in National Park

Mackay was north of Ben Avon in mid July and on 16th flew to the south edge of Glenfeshie Estate and north Perthshire until 2nd August, when flew to Brown Cow Hill.

July 13th to August 4th

Still ranging widely in the Cairngorms National Park

Mackay was mainly in the Brown Cow Hill area but on 18th May carried out a 75 km circuit, passing Ballater at  11am, midday in Glen Clova and an hour later to the west of the Glenshee ski area and then back home. On the 19th/20th  May she flew to An Sgarsoch and back. On 24th/25th of May she made another circuit of the Angus glens and on 31st May a day trip to Abernethy reserve.

May 14th – June 3rd

Usual wandering in Eastern Cairngorms

Mackay has been wandering widely in the last month in an area of 1900 square km in easetrn Cairngorms; mainly south of Brown Cow Hill recently.

April 22nd – May 15th

Usual range and big flight on 19th February

Mackay spent February mostly to the east of Ben Avon and south to the River Dee. On the 19th made a big flight of at least 125 km, leaving the overnight roost flew south of Braemar at 8am and was flying at a height of 1030 m. An hour later she was further south at nearly 1000 m and then flew north to be perched east of Ben Avon at 10am. She flew east to be north of Daldownie at 11am and then flew south over the River Dee and Loch Muick to the north end of Glen Clova at midday when she was at the height of 1120 m; an hour later she was flying over Glasmaol heading west. At 2pm south of Braemar at 1020 m heading north at 23kph. At 3pm flying at 1550 m near Brown Cow Hill and an hour later was flying south near Culardoch. Obviously a lovely day for displaying eagles.

February locations

Big day flight 19th February


The usual areas in the south the Cairngorms national Park

Mackay’s transmitter is just sending non-GPS data due to the short winter days, but showed clearly that he was ranging as usual south of the Cairngorms in an area of 575 km².

December 30th - January 16th

December 30th – January 16th


Ranging in the Cairngorms National Park

Mackay was near Loch Builg on 20th September and then next day flew to the southern part of Glenfeshie and ranged there and into north Perthshire until the 25th. On 26th flew south-west to Loch an Duin in Gaick and on the 27th made a long flight to Cowharn in Angus and then ranged in the North Angus glens to 1s October. Then moved to Braemar with a loop to Glen Tanar on 4th and ended this period in West Mar near An Sgarsoch

September 19th to October 9th

September 19th to October 9th