Reay is a male golden eagle that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as a chick in 2011.  To view further details about his movements and history click on his link on the left.

Almost certainly killed in territory battle

Reay continued to range back and for in his usual Wester Ross haunts and then it was clear that he had stopped moving in the Kintail area in mid summer. I am very grateful to Rule Anderson, a member of the Highland raptor study group, who checked out the location and found the carcase. There was no evidence of foul play but interestingly it was only 400 metres from an active eagle nest containing one well grown eaglet on 3rd July. It looks very likely that Reay had been killed by the territorial male of this nest.  It shows the dangers that sub adult eagles have in finding a nesting site in areas where the population of adult pairs is full.

Ranging in usual Wester Ross haunts

Reay was east of Loch Carron at the beginning of May and then slowly moved south to Killilan and on east to the mountains north of Loch Cluanie. On 17th May flew north to the hills south of Ledgowan Lodge to 21st May.

May 4th - 21st

May 4th – 21st

Ranging usual areas Wester Ross

Reay ranged between usual haunts from Heights of Kinlochewe southwards to the hills east of Loch Carron in Wester Ross

April 4th - 24th

April 4th – 24th

Wester Ross

Reay has centred on Heights of Kinlochewe with flights south to east Loch Carron hills on 3rd – 4th March and then to north Loch Morar on 12th and along to upper Strathconon by 19th March

February 20th - March 19th

February 20th – March 19th

More settled

Reay spending most time around Heights of Kinlochewe, with trips to Fionn Loch on 13th – 14th and down to Achnasheen on 25th February

February 13th - 27th

February 13th – 27th

Back to Wester Ross

Reay left the West Affric area on 4th February and slowly travelled north into Wester Ross reaching Letterewe on 13th and 14th February and then move back on the 14th to the Heights of Kinlochewe.

February 4-14

February 4-14

Still ranging widely in west

Reay was on Letterewe on 24th January and then on 27th flew south passing Achnashellach in the morning and roosting that evening just west of Kinlochhourn. He moved on and spent 29th January to 3rd February in hills between Loch Arkaig and Lovch Morar.

Jan 25th - Feb 3rd

Jan 25th – Feb 3rd

Ranging in usual areas

On 12th -1th Reay was between West Affric and the hills SW of Loch Monar, on 21st was on Letterewe estate and then near Braemore Junction on 25th January

January 12th - 25th

January 12th – 25th

Flew to Alladale

Reay was around Letterewe until December 20th and then later that day had moved eastwards to be near Alladale where she remained until at least 28th December.