Red 8T



Red 8T is a male osprey that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as an adult in 2009.  To view further details about his movements and history click on his link on the left.


Another successful year

Red 8T and his usual mate had another successful year and reared two young. He has now left on migration

Red 8T back nesting

Red 8T has returned for another summer and is breeding with the same mate at the same nest. Yesterday he was circling with another male close to the nest site while his mate incubated eggs.

Red 8T reared another two young

Red 8T has been busy supplying fish to his two young which have been flying for over three weeks. His transmitter no longer works but he has been regalarly identified at the fishing huants and I have seen him at his nest.

Red 8T breeding again

Red 8T is back with his usual mate and they have eggs – although their nest was much damaged by winter gales and both had a lot of nest building to do. Mike Crutch got this lovely photo of Red 8T at Aviemore this week.

Red 8T fishing at Aviemore - photo by Mike Crutch

Red 8T fishing at Aviemore – photo by Mike Crutch

Another successful summer

Red 8T reared three young with his usual mate this summer Рthey are all flying and Red 8T is now supplying them with fish during their pre-migration period.  He is often seen at the fishery at Rothiemurchus

Normal breeding season

Red 8T is breeding again with the same female at his normal nest. His transmitter is no longer working but he’s quite often seen by the photographers at Rothiemurchus fishery

Another successful summer

Red 8T reared two young this summer, both of which were flying by 25th July. He was regularly seen and photographed at Rothiemurchus Fishery and departed in early September.

Still being seen at the Rothiemurchus fishery

Red 8T has had a successful summer rearing two young – he is still fishing for them – and is regularly at the fishery where he is the dominant male. Often chaing off other maleswhich annoys the photographerswaiing for good fishing shots!

Fishing for his young

Red 8T is now feeding his two recently fledged young, mainly catching fish at Rothiemurchus fishery