At stop over

Rothiemurchus still at stopover – one day he flew to the lakes at the industrial workings to the north and on another day to the Eume Reservoir

Stopping over

At 0630GMT this morning 21st September, Rothiemurchus was beside his favourite river in NW Galicia

Stopping over in Galicia

Rothiemurchus has settled again on the River Eume, near As Pontes de Garcia Rodrigues in Galiacia. This stop-over is along a beautiful mountain river in the Eume Natural Park; the river is one of Spain’s most famous fishing rivers running through the mountains covered in oak forests.

To September 14th 10pm

To September 14th 10pm

Off to Galicia

Rothiemurchus flew south on 2nd September and roosted that evening east of Wrexham; next day he flew on south and crossed the River Severn at Slimbridge at 3 PM and then roosted that night just south-west Blandford Forum in Dorset. On 4th September he set off over the English Channel from the Dorset coast near Lulworth and at midday was flying south over Jersey. He roosted that evening just north of Saint Nazaire.

On 5th September he set out across the Bay of Biscay in a SSW direction but when he was off Noirmoitier he decided against it and turned towards mainland France,  crossing over Ile d’Yeu at  09:00 hours.  He then coasted down the French coast to roost that night  just south of Lac d’Mourtin-Carvans.  On 6th September  he crossed into Spain at 15:30 hours  and turned west to be over  Bilbao at 1800 GMT and roosted  that evening a little bit further west. Next day the 7th, he flew west all along the North  Spanish coast and by evening  he was back in his usual haunts near  Ortigueira in the north-west  corner of Spain.  What an amazing dogleg  for an Osprey to make on its autumn migration –  learnt on his first migration and continued ever since. Wonder how long he will stop-over?

1st - 7th September

1st – 7th September

Down to Carlisle

Rothiemurchus started his migration on 30th August and by evening was roosting south of Carlisle and at 9am this morning was fishing on the river south of Dalston.

Migration start 30th August

Migration start 30th August


No change

Rothiemurchus continued living in the usual haunts in Perthshire

No change

Still ranging in Perthshire

Summered in Perthshire

Rothiemurchus did not find a mate and breed, but it does look as though he has located a potential nesting area for the future. He has ranged in an area of 500 square km.

May be settling down

Rothiemurchus is spending his summer near Dunkeld and ranging in an area of 230 square km

Ranging in Perthshire

Rothiemurchus is ranging in a large area centred north of Dunkeld, but has not yet decided on a nest site nor apparently attracted a mate. It is looking very likely that he is not going to breed this summer.