Yellow HA finally flew tohis nest area on 15th April from East Moray; he arrived at the nest area at 1.51pm, and then must have been involved in a major dispute with the new 6-year-old male (Morven’s new mate). His transmitter data shows that he was flying continuously until 2.28pm and then again between 3:01pm and 3:55pm. He then moved away to a fishing loch area where he lingered in trees to 22nd April; he did not try to go back to the nest during this time and on 22nd flew to the River Findhorn upstream of Forres. On 25th he moved further up river and the last signal was late on 26th April. By this time he was living low along the riverside and one fisherman reported seeing an osprey landing on low cliffs on the riverside in an ungainly manner. In this area there would be no mobile phone reception.  I have heard nothing since and my best prognosis is that he was injured during the fight and ‘limped away’ to try to recuperate along the river; and probably died. Fighting between male ospreys can be pretty furious and there have been cases of deaths. This episode shows the danger of being delayed by bad weather during the migration and arriving long after their mate.

Finally gets home

Yellow HA finally set off to West Moray and arrived at his last year’s nest at 1.52pm on 15th April. I wonder why he spent so many days wandering through the UK instead a direct fast f;light to his nest

Staying in East Moray

Yellow HA has remained in the Elgin area – visiting various nest sites. I called in at his nest today and saw that Morven has attracted a new 6 year-old mate. May be Yellow HA decided last year to get a new mate and nest, and may be an easier fishing area.

To Moray but not home

On 10th Yellow HA flew from Blairgowrie (10.30am) over Angus hills to Deeside and so to Rhynie and Huntly and so to Elgin area where he roosted. Today he went down to the Lossie estuary in the afternoon and still there at 7pm.  Why does he not hutty home – he’s dealying the breedings eason with Morven waiting since 2nd.

Still hanging around in Perthshire

Last night he roosted beside the River Tay above Dunkeld, and this morning wandered south to Rohallion Loch and then east to Hare Myre, south of Blairgowrie  (1.56pm)  About time he flew north – Morven has been waiting at the  nest.

April 5th - 8th

April 5th – 8th

Still at Lowes

Yellow HA was still near the Lowes nest this morning but hopefully he’ll head north

Roosted near Loch of the Lowes

Yellow HA roosted Loch of Craiglush last night and was fishing by loch at 9.34am and still there are 11am – may be headed north as the weather improved – we will see

Yellow HA around Loch of Lowes eve of 5th and this morning

Yellow HA around Loch of Lowes eve of 5th and this morning

Heading through the Scottish borders

Yellow HA roosted last night in woodlands to the north of Pen-y-Gent in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. He set off at 7:48 AM and flew north passing over Carlisle at 9:24 AM and reached the Peebles area at 11.26am where he seemed to be checking out ospreys there.  The weather is improving today and there is just an outside chance that he could get back to his nest later this evening. Depends on the weather over the mountains.

April 5th

April 5th

New attempt to fly north

Yellow HA left Llyn Brenig at 11am and set off north and the NE to Prestatyn, where he flew out to sea on a NE course. His last signal this batch he was heading for Blundell Sands at Crosby.  Weather stillpoor and here in Scotland  it is cloudy and raining; his mate Morven was looking ‘very drookit’ this morning on her perch.

April 4th

April 4th

Slow movements

On 3rd April Yellow HA left the Dyfi andf at 10.20am passed Machynlleth eading NNE but only travelled 75 km before settling on Llyn Brenig, where he spent the rest of the day

Movements at Llyn Brenig

Movements at Llyn Brenig