Reed continues to haunt the same river valley

Reed is living along about 8 km of the same river valley being near Los Carriones at 2214GMT on 29th October. It appears to be a valley of farmed land

Settled on valley

Reed remained in the valley an then on 19th moved to east end of the reservoir and roosted there overnight. Next day he moved back up the valley

No change

Reed has now settled in a vegetated valley along a small river which runs south to the Negratin Reservoir

Locations to 10th October

Reed’s migration so far

The following ma9 shows Reed’s migration so far between 2oth September and 5th Octiber, starting with what was almost certainly a weather induced diversion acriss the Northh Sea but then a really excellent re-directed migration to Spain

Reed’s migration so far

Reed is racing through Spain

At 1049GMT was well south in Spain heading for Bogarra and by 1929GMT was near Cullar after a two day migration of at least 500km. He is flying strongly on his autumn migration

October 3rd to 5th

Reed migrating strongly through France and Spain

On 3rd October he was high on the Pyrenees on the Spanish side of the border after a flight of 470 kms in two days

October 1st to 3rd

Reed crosses the North Sea

Overnight of 20th/21st September, Reed crossed the North Sea and at 0300 to 0640MT on 21st was at Scharhorn Island off Cuxhaven in northern Germany. On 23rd he was south of Cologne and at 1413GMT on 23rd was passing through the northernmost part of Luxembourg and roosted that night in the Belgian Ardennes. On 25th – 28th he was north of Somme, east of Rheims in France.  On 30th he was south of Auxerre.

September 21st to 30th

Reed – a young male marsh harrier from Moray

With the help of Martin Cook, I satellite tagged a young male marsh harrier at a nest that he had located in the county of Moray. He had ringed the two young and I fitted tag 21253 – a non GPS satellite tag. For the first month the young harrier ranged in the general area of the breeding site. Then on last day of August he moved to Aberdeen and then north to a large area inland from the Ythan estuary

Female on left, male (Reed) on right 24th July 2012