Well settled – no change

Continues to live in same area with flights to fish and back

No change

Ozwald well settled on the coast although he is ranging a large area of 115 square kms compared to the very small winter ranges of the adults.

Jan 23rd - Feb 5th

Settled in same area

Roxy is settled in same area with a small move north to Trahenna Hill on 4th February

Settled again

Ozwald has settled back in his normal haunts

Jan 14th - 19th

No change

Settled in Knoydart north of the east end of Loch Nevis although only non GPS locations due to weather.

No change

Roxy settled in that area – latest signal 20th January

100 kms flight north and back

At 1pm on 7th January he was flying north over the sea and headed 100 kms over the bay to two islands in an inlet on north side of Banc d’Arguin, where it stayed two before before at 1pm on 9th flew NW to the coast north of Cap Ste Anne. At 4pm was heading back south to roost that night on the coast near Cap Arzaze. Next day crossed the bay to the coast south of Arkeiss (Bedouin settlement) and at 10am was perched near Iwik, the HQ of the National Park. At 3pm he was back in his original location and roosted that night back in familiar haunts. Interesting exploratory flight by young osprey wintering in Africa for first time.

Flight north and back

Moved to Loch Arkaig

Reay was still in the upper Glen Roy area at 6am to 8am on 8th January and the next locations were on north side of the east end of Loch Arkaig at 2.49pm to 3.11pm on 12th January. These were non GPS locations – needd sun to charge the battery to get accurate data.

No change

Ozwald remains in the same area in north Mauritania within a range of 90 square kms.

Range Dec 14th - 24th

Fishing area (white line) and night roosts in desert

Still there but few longer trips

Ozwald remains in the same area with a few longer trips; on December 8th/9th he roosted in the desert 30 kms NE; then on 9th/10th he flew 50 kms south before turning back north (he was just 26 kms N of Morven at that point) and on December 10th he was briefly 30 kms north in the afternoon.

Dec 2nd - 13th