Our achievements

The Foundation was set-up by Roy Dennis in June 1995 and since then we have undertaken innovative species restoration work, been at forefront of bird migration research, and become a leading advocate for the restoration of natural ecosystems.

Our notable achievements over the past two decades include:

• Worked with Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and Anglian Water to establish breeding ospreys in central England through a translocation project at Rutland Water. This subsequently led to the recolonisation of Wales.

• Played a leading role in osprey translocation projects to Spain (Andalucia and Basque Country), and Switzerland and supported projects in Italy and Portugal.

A self-sustaining population of ospreys is now established at Rutland Water following a successful translocation project – the first of its kind in Europe (photo by John Wright)

  • • Undertaken the annual monitoring and conservation of breeding ospreys and other raptors in northern Scotland, including ringing chicks and provision of artificial nests.

• Coordinated the osprey colour-ringing scheme in the UK – one of the longest running schemes of its kind in Europe.

• Wrote osprey action plan for the Council of Europe.

• Pioneered satellite tracking of ospreys, golden eagles, sea eagles, honey buzzards, marsh harriers, hen harriers and other species in the UK, including the publication of data online.

• Restored populations of red squirrels in three areas of the Highlands through translocation.

• Worked as a partner in a project to restore golden eagles to Ireland, including collection of young. First pair bred in Donegal in 2007.

• Provided support and advice to Irish sea eagle reintroduction and also potential projects elsewhere in Europe. Also advised on feasibility of reintroduction to Wales and England.

• Key voice in a successful campaign to reintroduce beavers to Scotland and other parts of the UK. The first trial reintroduction subsequently began at Knapdale in 2009 and beavers were recognised by the Scottish government as a protected species in November 2016.

• Advocate for reintroduction of lynx to Scotland, including funding of a feasibility study.

•Provided opportunities for young people to gain field experience in nature conservation, including PhD and post-doc research.

•Been a leading contributor to nature conservation think tanks and debate.

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