Leaves Galicia and crosses over into Africa

After 3 weeks stopping over in Galicia, NW Spain, Rothie has left the area and crossed into Africa. He remained in Galicia until the 27th and at 10:00 set off south. He crossed into Portugal at 14:15, stopped in Coimra at 19:00 and then rested there until 09:00 on the 29th. He then flew out over the Atlantic to the west of the Gibraltar Strait (replicating the route of his first crossing in 2009) at 16:30 and by the early hours on the 30th had made landfall in Morocco. Last transmission at 10:00 this morning he had continued flying and is now heading south through Morocco.

Spain to Morocco Sept 27th-30th

Finally leaves the UK

Fearna has finally left the UK! She left the Barnstaple area sometime in the morning on the 29th and headed out over the English Channel and by 18:00 was settled to the east of Briec in France. She’s got some catching up to do!

Crossing the English Channel sept 29th

Exploring the Cape Verdes

Stan has remained on the Cape Verdes but has started to move about and explore a little. On the 24th he left Sao Nicolau and flew to Sao Vicente. He stayed there for 7 hours and then flew through the night on to Santo Antao, where he has remained, moving up and down the SW coast. This is a mountainous island and the location at the south end near Tarrifal is a place I have visited and remember finding an opsrey nest high in a mountain gorge sveral thousnad feet above the sea. A most incredible nests.- can’t wait for the next set of transmissions to see if he remains here or heads off to mainland Africa.

sept 19-26

What would be very interesting would be if Stan decides that over ocean migrations are not for him and that he decides to settle in the Cape Verde .  He could be a very usfelu genetic addition to this small population of ospreys

Stan has reached the Cape Verdes islands !!!!

Wow what an osprey –  Amazingly Stan has managed to fly over 1560 km (967 miles) over the Atlantic Ocean to make safe landfall on the Cape Verdes.  Last evening, while I was on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, Stan was flapping the last stretch over the ocean to an island called Sao Nicolau (I’ve flown over it a couple of times on my way to Sao Vicente  while studying the CV ospreys). He was resting close to the sea at a headland at 2000 – (2200GMT), and non GPS data for 0208GMT and 0406GMT this morning showed that he was alive.  The Cape Verdes have a small population of breeding ospreys which I think could comprise some lost exhausted birds from Europe. It’s got good fishing so as long as he recovers from his flight he should catch fish. I wonder if he will stay there or fly back to Senegal – he might even stay and join the local breeders. I always wanted to satellite track ospreys on the Cape Verdes and now we have one.  One previous Scottish osprey has been found in CV – a bird ringed by Roger Broad found dead on Fogo.  Stan is an amazing osprey.

Flight to Cape Verdes

Northern Cape Verdes

Point on Sao Nicolau





Stan is a male osprey that was fitted with a satellite transmitter as a chick in 2012.  To view further details about his movements and history click on his link on the left


Living in Perthshire

On 14th June Rothiemurchus dashed up to the River Spey and roosted again at Loch an Eilein. In the morning he was perched just a mile from his natal nest but by the afternoon he had gone back to the Ballinluig area of Perthshire -ranging as far as Loch Tay.

June 10th - 29th

A rapid visit to the Spey

On 14th June Rotrheimurchus dashed up to the River Spey and roosted again at Loch an Eilein. In the morning he was perched just a mile from his natal nest but by the afternoon he had gone back to the Ballinluig area of Perthshire -ranging as far as Loch Tay.

Looking to the future

Rothiemurchus is not going to breed this summer but he is looking far and wide for a nest and a mate. On the 31st May he roosted overnight again at Loch an Eilean. Next day he headed south and by 10am on 1st June was in the Blair Athol area. On 2nd June he was around Loch of the Lowes at midday and then returned north to Blair Atholl. On 3rd and 4th he favoured the area east of Aberfeldy and on 5th was back near Dunkeld.

June 1st - 5th

Homing in on a summer home

Rothiemurchus has spent much of the last week either in the watershed of the River Spey or Findhorn. He roosted one night at Loch Garten, another beside Loch an Eilein and the last few nights along the upper Findhorn River. In the last few days he visited different ospreys nests at 1pm, 2pm (Red 8T’s nest) and 4pm on 27th May, and nests in Nairnshire and near Inverness at 11am and 4pm on 28th. This is the first time we’ve tracked the searching behaviour of a pre-breeding osprey. We often see ‘intruding ospreys’ visiting occupied and unoccupied nests – it’s well known feature of osprey summers.

May 27th - 30th

May 25th - 27th

Ranging widely

On 21st flew north from the Carlisle area and was at Stirling at 5pm, Loch Tummel at 6pm and at 8pm was perched near an area where an unattached female was holding a new nest. He roosted at Loch an Eilein, passed over his natal area next day before heading to Donside, he then flew south to Glentanar, spent the afternoon west of Braemar before flying north and roosting overnight in Strathdon. On 23rd Rothiemurchus flew down to Dunkeld – Blair Atholl area and on 24th was near Loch Tummel. The north to south distance is 170 miles, which shows the extent of ranging of pre-breeding adults.

May 22nd

May 21st